31 July 2008

gladstone hotel

Take a look at some of the artist-designed rooms at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Thirty-seven local designers and artists were able to design their own rooms within the hotel. So amazing. Rooms shown above: 301 Skygazer Room, 303 Red Room, 304 Faux Naturelle, 402 Echame Flores, 405 Parlour of Twilight, 418 New Nouveau Room.
[ Gladstone Hotel: 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto ON Canada M6J 1J6 + 416 531 4635 ]

25 July 2008


I came across the work of Elsa Mora today. She can literally do anything: from making toys and jewelry to creating porcelain sculptures and everything in between. My favorite thing of hers is the amazing stuff she does with paper, like the papercut shown above. The detail in her work is incredible. See more of her paper work here and visit her Etsy shop to buy prints of her papercuts and illustrations.
[ Above: Secret Anatomy of a Young Girl ]

23 July 2008

erica weiner jewelry

Pretty jewelry by Erica Weiner. All of Erica's pieces are handmade and created from vintage materials. I like how the skeleton key necklace is made from antique keys (some date back to 1850!) so each one is different and unique. Prices: skeleton key necklace, $30; whale necklace, $35.

20 July 2008

rehabilitated dishware

Some very cool plates from Sarah Cihat's Rehabilitated Dishware collection. Sarah buys old plates from thrift stores and reconditions them with bold color and imagery. She does this by re-glazing and re-firing her designs over the existing plates. Her dishes are meant to be a statement on recycling and the renewed value of unwanted things.

17 July 2008

keep calm gallery

Keep Calm offers a good variety of prints, but my favorites are the bold, typographic ones that feature historical phrases and slogans. They're screenprinted and available to buy with or without the frames.

16 July 2008

jeana sohn

I first discovered Jeana Sohn's work on Tiny Showcase and instantly loved it. Her use of color is subdued, but her work is full of whimsical details and textures. And her paintings have such a great quality to them; I can picture these being fantastic children's book illustrations.
[ Above: I'm a Flower, Hello Ocean ]

15 July 2008


I'm seriously loving these beautiful rock posters by Paul Gardner of FloraFauna. I would love to hang the Fleet Foxes poster on my wall (actually, both of these). See more of his posters here.
[ Note: Apparently, Paul Gardner has a history of plagiarizing ideas and work from other designers. I would not support him or purchase any posters from him for this reason. ]

14 July 2008

twig flash drives

I've had my eye on these little wooden USB flash drives by Oooms ever since I first saw them. The company, founded in the Netherlands, designed these to stand out against their natural environment of computers and offices. Available in sizes of 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB. Get yours here.

13 July 2008

polaroids + shades of blue

The polaroid photography of Grant Hamilton is brilliant. It makes me want to get out my camera and go shoot. If you know me, you know that I love the look of old-timey signs, power lines, and the city, so I am loving Grant's work. He has some nice polaroids on his site using bolder pops of color as well.
[ Above: Clean Cars, Open, Aquamarine, Bling ]

12 July 2008

wallpaper by dan funderburgh

These elaborate wallpaper patterns come from Brooklyn-based artist, Dan Funderburgh. Pictured above are the flower pedal and city park wallpapers, which are handscreened and available from Flavor Paper.

11 July 2008


This place has gained a fan following since its opening a couple of months ago, and it's easy to see why. Lunaberry, a yogurt and crepe shop in downtown Salt Lake City, serves its food the most delicious way: using fresh ingredients which are prepared daily. The main draw, the frozen yogurt, is made from non-fat milk and comes in three flavors: original, mango, and peach (all of them equally good). Prices range from 2.50 to 4.50, with toppings being a little extra. I haven't tried the crepes yet, but with flavors like mango chicken and strawberry sensation, they must be good. Lunaberry also offers shaved ice and smoothies. Plus, they sell unique knick-knacks like wind-up salt and pepper shakers and chicken tape dispensers (I bought one!). If you live in Salt Lake or are in the area, be sure to stop by.
[ Lunaberry: 358 S 700 East, Salt Lake City UT 84102 + 801 359 0427 + lunaberry.com ]

10 July 2008

nantaka joy

I've been following this paper line for a while and the new products from Nantaka Joy's nature story line are my favorite. The nature exploration notebooks shown above feature pretty combinations of metallic foil and earthy stocks, and have patterns of agate or stones on the covers. Buy them for 13.50 each.

07 July 2008

marian bantjes

I am loving the hand lettering of Marian Bantjes. Shown above: Saks Fifth Avenue Want It! campaign, Design Matters Live poster. Visit her website to view more (including lettering done with sugar!).
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