30 August 2008

anthropologie september 08

I received the September Anthropologie catalog in the mail today and loved everything about it, but mainly the first section of photos: the location, the clothes, the softness of the colors. I will never get sick of looking through the pretty photography in all of their catalogs. View the current one online here.
[ Above: Softshape Dress, $188; Portraitist Bomber, $198; Shadowed Lawn Blouse, $158; Eclipsing Filigree Earrings, $138; Well-Forged Dress, $188; Geode's Bounty Necklace, $98 ]

izola social housing

Crazy/amazing architecture for these apartments in Izola, Slovenia. The project contains thirty apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom units. The balconies were designed efficiently to shade and ventilate the apartments in a sustainable way. The building was designed in 2003 by Ofis Arhitekti and was finished constructing in 2006.

29 August 2008

poketo: lisa congdon

Poketo takes art out of galleries and brings it into everyday life by promoting the work of international artists through accessible art objects. Their most famous product, their wallets, are made of vinyl and contain three slots for credit cards, a bill slot, and a change purse. Each design is made in limited quantities and comes with a matching pin. The wallet featured above has art created by Lisa Congdon, a self-taught San Francisco illustrator. Buy it here for $20.

26 August 2008

orla kiely fall 08

A couple weeks ago, I got an Orla Kiely bag (that I love more than I thought I would), so I decided now would be a good time to show off some images from her fall ad campaign. I really like the color here.

24 August 2008

pillow pillow pillow

How great are these pillows from Pillow Pillow Pillow? The line of pillows, created by Aaron Stewart, feature a variety of breeds of dogs and cats. Visit the site for a list of retailers. There is also a casting call section where you can submit your pet and see if it will be used as inspiration for the next pillow.
[ Above: Bailey the beagle, Oliver the yellow lab ]

15 August 2008

ikea ps jonsberg

These vases designed by Hella Jongerius came up in conversation at work today. These are Jongerius' first large edition design and are for sale at Ikea (in stores only for 39.99 each). The four vases share the same shape but have unique patterns that are assigned their own ceramic technique. Each vase shows different characters and traditions and demonstrates the huge diversity ceramics can have.

14 August 2008

color + pattern

Pretty patterned tapestries that can be used to cover your comforter, couch, window, or wall. Each tapestry measures 90x108". Shown above in asian poppy and sketch circles. Available here.

06 August 2008

little friends

I love-love-love these silkscreened poster-sized prints by husband-and-wife duo, The Little Friends of Printmaking. The team, JW and Melissa Buchanan, are headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Buy these prints (and more): lfop.etsy.com.

05 August 2008

vancouver 2010 mascots

The mascots of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are so great. These may be the best Olympic mascots ever. My favorite is Miga the sea bear, but they are all pretty fantastic. Watch a video of the mascots and learn more about them here.

02 August 2008

skeem: andaluz

Skeem candles always have the prettiest packaging. The glass containers are silk-screened and can be re-used as drinking glasses once the candles have burned out. I love the patterns on the Andaluz collection, which were inspired by the mosaic tiles of Spain and the golden-domed temples of Morocco. Each pillar candle contains 12 ounces and can burn for 90 hours.
[ Above: Andaluz collection in Blood Orange, Mayan Hot Chocolate, Moroccan Ginger ]
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