22 September 2008


I got an invitation to lookbook.nu over the weekend and I am intrigued. The concept, described as an international social experiment in style, allows users to upload images of their day-to-day style and vote on submitted looks. It's kind of fun to just browse the site and get inspired by what other people are wearing.


  1. that's one awesome site. do you have any invites? i'd love to get on there! it seems like everyone i know is making blogs now. i feel like i should join the bandwagon haha :D

  2. I have some extra invites! I'll send you one. And you should definitely start a blog. I would read it. I didn't think I would be able to keep up with mine, but I was surprised at how much I actually like updating this.

  3. i definitely spent an hour or two browsing through this

  4. I've been obsessed with lookbook all weekend and that's how I found your blog. It's quite enjoyable!

    Would you happen to have any invite codes left?

    If so, my email is listed on my websites contact information :)


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