27 September 2008

print gocco

The Print Gocco is a compact, self-contained screenprinting device. And for months now, I have been debating whether to buy one or not. The prices for them have been going up since the machines are no longer being made, so I caved. I finally got one. I probably should have done it sooner so I could have saved some money, but I am still excited about this. I got the smallest model, the PG-5, and am going to start printing with it soon. If you want to learn more about the Print Gocco, go here.


  1. I think so too! I like screenprinting the traditional way, but I thought the gocco would be a good alternative for when I want to print smaller things (so I wouldn't have to do everything with my giant screens).

  2. I've been looking for one for a while now... where did you purchase yours? And for how much, if I may ask. I don't know what a good price would be.

  3. I bought mine for $250, more than I wanted to spend, but I'd been looking for a while and I hadn't been able to find anything lower at the time. I do remember that they were on sale at Paper Source for $145, but they're sold out now. You could try Etsy, every once in a while, there are gocco machines for a good price there.


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