05 November 2008

collection: teapots

Lately, I've been noticing how aesthetically great teapots are. I love how unique and out of the ordinary they can be. If I drank a lot of tea, I would be collecting these.
[ Above: Darjeeling Teapot, $110; Pitch Pine Teapot, $78; Owling Sake Pot, $28; Orquidea Teapot, $48; Nuit Teapot, $79.95; Bobber Teapot, $98; Small Teapot, $66.25; Snow Owl Teapot, $28; Camille Teapot, $44.95 ]

1 comment:

  1. you changed your header! it looks great! i love it! and these teapots are so cute! if i drank tea, i would collect them as well.. i hope you're doing fabulous!


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