29 December 2009

apparel labels by grayhood

I found the portfolio of Grayhood (Dan Gneiding), a senior graphic designer at Urban Outfitters Inc and it's pretty neat. He has designed a bunch of the hang tags and sewn-in labels you see for in-house brands at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. How fun would it be to work on stuff like this? I love these.

sukie wrap for 1973

I picked up some of these sheets of wrapping paper when I was in Vancouver over the summer and finally am getting around to sharing them. The designs above are by Sukie for Nineteen Seventy Three. Each sheet is 20x28" and printed on 100% recycled paper. I plan on framing mine as wall art!

21 December 2009

six scents

Subdued packaging for limited-edition fragrances from SixScents. Each one retails for $85.
[ Above: Urban Tropicalia, The Spirit of Wood ]

kristina collantes

Love all the intricacies and subtleties in these graphic illustrations by Kristina Collantes.
[ Above: Broccoli Bird, Homesick, Leonard's Innards, Bear Panther Dragon ]

16 December 2009

15 December 2009

09 December 2009

miike snow

Just wanted to share the greatness that is Miike Snow, a band from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been listening to their album a ton lately and it is so good. It's something you can listen to from start to finish without skipping over any tracks. Notable songs: Animal, Burial, Silvia, Song for No One, Cult Logic, Plastic Jungle.

07 December 2009

friends of type

Friends of Type is where Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong share their typographic experiments. It's fun to browse and is a good online archive of type sketches and studies.

prints by house industries

Great typographic and iconic serigraphs from House Industries. Screen-printed by hand by David Dodde on acid-free cover weight paper.

03 December 2009

made by julene

Julene Harrison of Made By Julene is a paper-cut artist who creates artwork by hand-cutting paper. Her designs are so intricate and detailed!

01 December 2009

lena wolff

Cool work done in paper cut, pinpricks and collage, by Lena Wolff. She draws from folk-art traditions, anthropomorphic fables, organic abstractions and veneration for the natural world.
[ Above: Pansy, Black Flowers & Cloud, Moth Circles, Satellite ]

30 November 2009

nice package

Dress up your presents this season with pretty gift-packaging essentials from Nice Package, a creative lifestyle brand founded by Ez Pudewa and Marichelle Burdman.
[ Above: Winter Essentials Kit, $34 / Blockprinted Golden Award Ribbon Tags, $11 / Colored Dot Stickers, $0.75 / Pennant Cupcake Toppers + Decorative Box, $23 / Paper Starbursts found in the Vintage Whimsy Kit, $34 / Home Sweet Home Wall Decor, $24 / Blockprinted Golden Bow Drawstring Pouches, $14 ]

25 November 2009

city neighborhood posters

Ork Posters was started by Jenny Beorkrem when she was on a search for a city neighborhood poster with good design, typography, simplicity, and originality. She never found that poster, so she started her own line and Ork Posters was born. They currently have over ten cities to choose from.

miniature charm necklaces

Necklaces with tiny charms. Perfect to give as gifts!
[ Above: Gift Card Envelope & Charm Necklace in Horseshoe, $16 / Gift Card Envelope & Charm Necklace in Clover, $16 / Hammered Charm Necklace in Anchor, Bee, Key, $40 / Silver Initial Necklace, $18 ]

23 November 2009

pets love christmas

I love this. It's so funny and would be fun to send out during the holidays. These cards are gocco printed by Gemma Correll and available in her shop: gemmabear.etsy.com.

19 November 2009

16 November 2009

wallpaper by porter's paints

Wallpaper from Porter's Paints in Sydney, Australia. Their paper is so pretty to look at. I am really curious about those three-dimensional dragonfly wings!
[ Above: Dragonfly, Sparrow, Spring ]

13 November 2009

cardboard bikes

Life-size bikes made from only cardboard and glue. From Chris Gilmour. Take a look at his website for more of his cardboard creations.

10 November 2009

john & fish

Amazing photographs from John&Fish, a brother and sister team who work and live in Taipei, Taiwan. They specialize in bird photography and spend almost every weekend capturing them on film.

06 November 2009

hvass & hannibal + rojo

Beautiful stuff from Hvass&Hannibal for Rojo. These illustrations were for an international outdoor urban art exhibition in Barcelona, where they were exposed in giant billboards across streets of Barcelona's metropolitan area.

03 November 2009

letterpressed in yellow

Letterpressed greeting and note cards from Linda & Harriett, in sunny shades of yellow. Printed with soy-based inks on 30% post-consumer and 100% carbon neutral paper.
[ Above: Paper Doll Note Cards, $14 / Yellow Summer Dress Note Cards, $14 / Thank You Stripes Greeting Card, $4.50 / Sunny Bloom Note Cards, $14 ]

01 November 2009

etsy shop: petal mix

Petal Mix makes accessories with a modern twist on the Japanese art of tsumami kanzashi. Their goal is to blend new designs with traditional techniques.
[ Above: Little Plover Bobby Pins, $18 / Golden Maple Leaf Hair Clip, $17 / Melon Soda Barrette Hair Clip, $16 / Cloud Crane Bobby Pin, $15 ]

29 October 2009

daily drop cap

Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by illustrator + typographer Jessica Hische. Every work day, she posts a hand-crafted, decorative initial cap. All of the letters are pretty cool.

21 October 2009

monsieur + mademoiselle

Love this Monsieur/Mademoiselle series by Blanca Gomez. Some of the illustrations are available as prints in her shop: blancucha.etsy.com.

16 October 2009

2010 forest calendar

Excited to announce that my 2010 forest calendars are now available! There are three versions ranging in price from $25 to $30, depending on the format. Each month features an illustrated woodland creature. I plan on making some of the animals into small gocco prints in the future, but you can take a look at the calendars right now: cityablaze.etsy.com.

14 October 2009

heidi merrick fall 09

Fall clothing from designer Heidi Merrick. She really knows how to work color, texture and pattern.

13 October 2009

etsy shop: glittery blue

Handcrafted jewelry from Shelley White of Glittery Blue. Her pieces are all at once unique, antique, contemporary and architectural.
[ Above: Bliss, $12.50 / Petite Pink Pearls, $14.50 / Oui Et Non, $14 / Envieuse, $14.50 ]

06 October 2009

state insects series by amy ruppel

Following in suit of her state birds and animals series, Amy Ruppel has just released her latest series: state insects. Original paintings (in wax, paper and oils on wood) are priced at $145. Prints are available for $20.
[ Above: Oregon: Oregon Swallowtail Butterfly, Missouri: Honeybee, South Carolina: Carolina Mantid, Virginia: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly ]

05 October 2009

etsy shop: bee things

Love these silk-screened bird prints from Bee Things. Most of the prints are in limited editions of 100 and all printed on archival paper. They are also running a deal in the shop for three birds prints at the price of two. Be sure to check it out!
[ Above: Barn Owl / Chickadees / Cardinal / Red-Winged Blackbird / Zebra Finch / Painted Bunting / $20 each ]

30 September 2009

dannijo + lost at sea

Gorgeous jewelry from Dannijo's Lost at Sea collection. These pieces are made from aqua aura, pearls, coral and mixed metals in some really stunning combinations. Love it.
[ Above: Fitzgerald, $445 to 595 / Lucia Mar in Peach, $575 / Pyrita Grace, $375 / Marie, $142 / Gretta, $548 / Lucia Mar in Violet, $575 / Rocco, $385 ]

29 September 2009

etsy shop: delicious images

A little late, but here is this weekend's featured shop. Helen started Delicious Images to sell some of her favorite photos from her pastry blog, Tartelette. The name of her shop is especially fitting too. I think all of these things look so tasty.
[ Above: Violet Macarons, $25 / Strawberries, $25 / Blueberries, $25 / Trio of Chocolate Cupcakes, $25 ]

25 September 2009


I have a slight fixation with headbands and am hooked on the ones made by Abigail Ricarte of Bambako. Officially launched in February 2009, Bambako is based on a rule from Martha Stewart's book Martha Rules: make it beautiful. And that she does. Abigail's headbands are simple, pretty, and best of all, affordable. Each one is produced by hand for an artisan touch and the highest quality results.
[ Above: Honeysuckle, $38 / Holler, $48 / Katty, $48 / Delight, $28 / Chrisera, $68 / Night in Tunesia, $68 ]

step brightly

Loving the slew of bright colors in this campaign image from Kate Spade.
[ Above: Carly, $375 ]

22 September 2009

paper appeal

Charming motifs all over these mail and paper products at Present&Correct in London. Their stuff is almost too pretty to send. I love it all.
[ Above, prices as estimates: Diamond & Stripe Notes, $7 / Early Birds Letter Set, $14 / Frukt & Ekollon Envelopes, $6 / Scandinavian Letter Sets, $12 ]

letterpressed art vignettes

These letterpressed art vignettes by Yee-Haw Industries will make your work look ten times fancier. Available in two sizes in kraft, black, and white.

20 September 2009

etsy shop: the butter flying

Fun cloud mobiles from The Butter Flying. Sylvie, an interior + product designer based in Montreal, Canada, creates these handmade mobiles with felt, paper and beads. Find out more about her creations at her blog.
[ Above: White Cloud Mobile, $24 / Rain of Colors Mobile in Pink + Yellow + Purple, $20 ]

etsy shop: fruit fly pie

If you're looking for an interesting object to brighten up your home, Fruit Fly Pie is where you can find it. Wendy is a ceramic artist in North Carolina who makes and sells vintage style ceramics. All of her pieces are made from scratch by either wheel-throwing, slab building, or casting from ceramic molds. They are then hand painted with non-toxic, food safe glazes.
[ Above: Chunky Chip Muffin Trinket Box in Buttercream, $25 / Ceramic Pig Planter in Lemon, $25 / Ceramic Owl Planter in Orange, $32 / Ceramic Deer Figurine in Celadon, $14.99 ]

17 September 2009

flickr finds

Just some random photos I have stumbled upon on Flickr.
[ Above: Rescued by Theresa Holley / Untitled by Heather Armstrong / Ghent, in the streets by Nina van de Goor ]

15 September 2009

zara picken

Zara Picken is an illustrator who lives and works in Bristol. I love the stuff that she's doing. It feels very retro and fresh.

13 September 2009

3602 apollo

How perfect does this house look? I want to live here. This mid-century modern home located at 3602 Apollo in Salt Lake City has been recently renovated by Tyler Gourley. Originally built in 1957, the remodeled home has been outfitted with hardwood floors, two fireplaces, custom bamboo and walnut cabinets, concrete countertops, a swimming pool with a poolside cabana, and so much more. If you have $699,000 to spare, buy this house.

02 September 2009

arm candy + news

I love the new photos Anthropologie is using to display their latest bracelets, cuffs, and bangles. So pretty. Also, I thought since desserts are somewhat associated with celebrations, this would kind of be a good transition to talk about some upcoming (exciting) things that are happening to me. 01: Yesterday marked the first official day of a merge at the design studio I work at. 02: I'm moving to a new apartment this weekend! I can't wait. 03: My birthday is on Friday! So due to all of this, I will be putting blog updates on hold until late next week sometime. See you all then.

30 August 2009

etsy shop: letterpress delicacies

Letterpress Delicacies sells items like cards and prints using a vintage letterpress. Their products are meant to celebrate the beauty of life, love, and friendship.
[ Above: Howdy Partner Card in Lime, $4 / Cherry Blossom Bon Voyage Card in Blue, $4 / Vintage Mushroom Card in Blue, $4 / Sew Crafty Card in Lime + Chocolate, $4 ]

etsy shop: cicada studio

Cicada Studio is Michelle Engel Bencsko's personal project that focuses on printed textiles and are developed and sold exclusively in her shop. I am loving the bold, retro patterns of these four fabrics from her Mod Quad collection. You can also find her at her website and blog.
[ Above: Petunia Purple, $17 / Grass Green, $17 / Hydrangea Blue, $17 / Marigold Yellow, $17 ]

26 August 2009

andrea guinn

Andrea Guinn's design style is nice, clean, and modern, just the way I like it. It's easy on the eyes and still refreshing to look at.

chipped china + yarborough

Jewelry made from chipped china plates. Kind of beautiful in a peculiar way. From Yarborough.

24 August 2009

terrible yellow eyes

Terrible Yellow Eyes is a growing collection of works inspired by Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. Cory Godbey started this project as a tribute and celebration to the book (and soon to be film). The collection showcases pieces created by a multitude of invited artists.
[ Above: Hide and Seek by Dan Matutina, Almost Over a Year by Cory Godbey ]

flora fauna: birds edition by lumadessa

The first edition of Flora Fauna prints by Lumadessa (Josh Brill) starts with a solid collection of birds. The Flora Fauna series catalogs the design identities of plants and animals from around the world. Each print is available in a limited edition of 50 and 5% of profits are donated to animal and environmental causes.
[ Above: Scarlet Robin, $20 / Adelie Penguin, $20 / Superb Fairy-Wren, $20 / Palila, $20 ]

22 August 2009

etsy shop: uncommon

I've been looking at things for decorating an apartment, since I will be preparing for a move soon and found Uncommon, a shop full of furniture and room accents with modern clean lines, an old-fashioned sensibility, and fresh colors. I love the tea table and scallop mirror.
[ Above: Pale Blue Scallop Mirror, $59 / Chartreuse Vintage Style Tea Table, $119 / Tangerine Creamsicle Modern Wall Clock, $35 / Vintage Blue Mix Tape, $25 ]
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