30 January 2009

eli, no!

Bright, spunky illustrations from Eli, no!, a children's book written and illustrated by Katie Kirk of EightHourDay. The book tells the story of a trouble-making dog, and the one word that isn't far behind. The pairing of bold graphics and colors with clean, strong typography will appeal to everyone. The book is currently unpublished at the moment, but needs to be soon so that I can buy a copy. Love it! Check out the book in its entirety here.

29 January 2009

josie morway

Beautiful paintings by Josie Morway, who uses birds as the main characters in her narratives. She draws inspiration from "the bits of word and phrase that bombard [her] daily in the form of faded ad murals, snippets of overheard conversation, the near-illegible promises of old signage."
[ Above: Rhymes With "How" and Comes Before Then, The Beneficiaries of My Doubt ]

24 January 2009

owl snugglies by stelabird

I love the items in Stelabird's shop, especially the owl snugglies. There are plenty of snugglies to choose from, each for $20. Estela (the creator of these wonderful things) also makes keychains, plushes, pins, and pouches. Go take a look: stelabird.etsy.com.

20 January 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates this past week. I've been having a rough time lately, but I'm going to try and start updating this blog regularly again. Anyway! Here are some really fun bookends from Zuny, whose goal is to make your life funny and easy. All of the bookends shown above are from the Zuny classic series and come with a box, cardboard set-up, and manual. These aren't only great for holding up books, but can be used as a doorstop or just placed to brighten up your space.
[ Above: Husky, Camel, Horse, Piggy ]

08 January 2009

polaroid photographs by grant hamilton

I've blogged about Grant Hamilton and his polaroid photography before and was excited to find out he's having a show at the Saans Downtown Gallery in Salt Lake (173 East Broadway) that opens on January 12th. Grant will be at the gallery on Friday, the 16th if you want to meet him, and large, limited editions of his work will be available to purchase during the show, along with smaller prints as well. If you like minimal shapes and blocks of color, check it out and pick up a print or two. The show ends February 12th.
[ Above: Air Conditioning, Moonrise, 12°, North Pole ]

06 January 2009

lab partners

Some really amazing, retro-looking gocco prints from Lab Partners' Hunt & Gather show at Outré Gallery last November. I love that the show's subject matter was drawn from their experiences at flea markets. Lab Partners is made up of Sarah Labieniec and Ryan Meis, who are based in San Francisco. Purchase artwork from their Hunt & Gather show here. Other prints are available in their Etsy shop.
[ Above: Shoes, Message in a Bottle; available to buy for $85 framed, $55 unframed ]

04 January 2009

kim holtermand

Loving the clean lines and imagery in Kim Høltermand's photography. These remind me so much of the things you see when you go on vacations. I always feel like I notice the things around me more when it's somewhere I'm not accustomed to. These photos capture the small things brilliantly.
[ Above: photographs from The Complex and End of Day series ]

02 January 2009

domino: the book of decorating

I got this book for Christmas and I love it. Domino: The Book of Decorating, described as a room-by-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy, is full of tips, tricks, insider secrets, and real-life experiences all put together in a big, useful, decorating manual. This is a good read for anyone who wants to make their home (or apartment) a little more personal and functional. The best part is that when you read through their ideas, you actually feel like you could put them to use. I could look at this book over and over again for inspiration. Plus, there is a bonus included: it comes with a one-year subscription to Domino magazine. Buy a copy here.

01 January 2009

soel boutique

A little boutique nestled in the Shops at Riverwoods in Provo (and less than an hour drive from Salt Lake), Soel sells clothing and accessories that are hip, stylish, and unique. Even though their space is part store, part yoga studio, they carry a plentiful variety of favorites. Stock up on items from Ella Moss, Splendid, Michael Stars, Free People, and French Connection, or pick up toys and gifts for the little ones. Scattered throughout the store are other things like shoes, bags, books, stationery, candles, and dinnerware.
[ Soel Boutique: 4801 N University Avenue #410, Provo UT 84604 + 801 426 9644 ]
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