08 January 2009

polaroid photographs by grant hamilton

I've blogged about Grant Hamilton and his polaroid photography before and was excited to find out he's having a show at the Saans Downtown Gallery in Salt Lake (173 East Broadway) that opens on January 12th. Grant will be at the gallery on Friday, the 16th if you want to meet him, and large, limited editions of his work will be available to purchase during the show, along with smaller prints as well. If you like minimal shapes and blocks of color, check it out and pick up a print or two. The show ends February 12th.
[ Above: Air Conditioning, Moonrise, 12°, North Pole ]


  1. I'm curious to find out which font you used for your top of the page "fancy frills" text.

    Thank you!

  2. It's Cyclone from typography.com.


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