08 February 2009

orla kiely for target

Words cannot express how excited I am for Orla Kiely's home collection at Target! The line feature's Orla's famous bold patterns and color on products like dinnerware, kitchen linens, storage boxes, and more. Some items have already been released, but the full collection will be available in all stores on February 15th (or buy online now). Prices range from $2.49 to $19.99. So affordable. I want everything.


  1. i just bought 4 of the big plates, 4 of the little pear plates, 4 small pear tumblers, and 4 green pear mugs! I am in LOVE!! But I want that apron and oven mit! I didn't see them in stores or online. :(

    Love your blog!!


  2. Thank you for the comment. I am in love too! I had to go to three different Targets in my area to find everything I wanted. It was like an Orla shopping spree every time I went. The first two stores didn't have any mugs or dinnerware at all, only the storage and kitchen endcaps. But I was pleasantly surprised at the third store (the mugs! the canisters! the plates!). I've seen the oven mitt and apron though! They're a little harder to find, especially the apron. But I have yet to find the floor mat, which I want badly. And did you know there's also a pear print reusable shopping bag? I just picked up some of those yesterday.

  3. Its really great that Orla Kiely's home collection now available at Target.

  4. I just ordered a bag with helen dardik's artwork on it, so I guess I'll be okay if I don't get the pear print reusable bag. I have been looking for the floor mat too..but haven't had any luck...my target has a tag where the mats should be but I have yet to see any there...maybe they'll get more..I dunno, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

  5. If you have an extra bag...email me at debevans@bellsouth.net :)


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