30 April 2009

irene suchocki

Montreal-based photographer Irene Suchocki takes some magical photos. She blends light and imagery perfectly. Her photography has been seen on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and will soon be appearing as canvas wall art at Urban Outfitters. For more eye candy, take a look at her blog and Etsy shop.

29 April 2009

you smell

You Smell started off as a student project for SCAD graduate Megan Cummins and has now become an actual line of soap. The packaging is presented with an initially insulting phrase (you smell) until the reverse side of the product is read (like a lemon, thanks to us!). Clever.

26 April 2009

jennifer behr

Jennifer Behr sure knows how to make an impressive hair accessory. Her pieces are made by hand in her Brooklyn studio and are inspired by materials: the richness of silks, feathers, stones, pythons, and leathers.
[ Above: Vintage Gold Knot Headwrap, $225 / Single Pleated Flower Hairpin, $198 / Double Crystal Scallop Headwrap, $262 / Belinda Headwrap, $625 ]

heart by annika backstrom

Part of the Heart series by Annika Bäckström.

25 April 2009

pretty interiors

I can't remember where I found these (so if you know, do tell me so I can give credit!), but I wanted to share how good these interiors look. If I had a house, I'd want it to look something like this. I love the bright and airy feel of these rooms.

22 April 2009

earth day + beau soleil summer 09

In honor of Earth Day, here are some pieces from eco-friendly line Beau Soleil's upcoming Summer 09 collection. The company's focus is on sustainability, fair trade and labor, as well as organic raw materials with the end goal of offering consumers environmentally healthy clothing choices without sacrificing fashion. All of the items above are made entirely from bamboo and will be available in June.
[ Above: Beau Rome, $275 / Beau Ariel, $275 / Beau Julius, $275 ]

19 April 2009

pecanpals by noferin

I am behind the times with this, but these designer wooden figures by Noferin are so adorable I had to post about them. The Pecanpals are made of 100% sustainably harvested wood and hand made with articulated joints and removable parts. The natural wood series will be available soon in a limited edition of 300. Find more images of the Pecanpals (including the original painted versions) here.
[ Above: Fanelli, Pandacake, Pecan, Claudius, Jac Jac ]

16 April 2009

wedding invitation by matt muller

Matt Muller designed this gorgeous invitation for his wedding last year. Instead of the standard card format, his invitations were 14-page, 6x9" sewn booklets. He also designed additional items that tied the invitations to the ceremony and reception.

09 April 2009

mid-century modern stamps + labels

I found the most incredible collection of postage stamps and matchbox labels on flickr today. The Mid-Century Modern Sticker, Label + Stamp Club is a visual feast with over 1,500 items for you to lay your eyes on. These would look amazing enlarged and framed on the wall.

04 April 2009

collection: clocks

If you are on the lookout for a new clock (like I am), then here are a few interesting and stylish options, for both your wall and your desk.
[ Above: Honeycomb Modern Wall Clock from Pilot Design, $49 / Bamboo Desk Clock from MoMA, $88 / Cuckoo Clock from MoMA, $450 / Will Return Clock from Kikkerland, $14 / Lilak Collection: Horse Clock from Decoylab, $30 / Modern Bear Clock from Decoylab, $48 / Riki Desk Clock from MoMA, $120 ]
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