26 May 2009

unconventional bowls

Offbeat bowls that could brighten up any kitchen table. So fantastically refreshing and unique. Love them.
[ Above: Bird Bowl from MoMA, $60 / Fruit Loop Bowl from MoMA, $42 / Bowls + Spoons from A+R, $35 / Paper Boat Tabletop Serving Set from A+R, prices vary ]


  1. I am loving the bowls with the handles. Great colors, shape & functionality.

  2. Oh wow, you have got a real eye for color and form. Time to corner the market here in the SLC I'd say. I entreat you to check out my blog, and let me know if you'd be interested in setting up any of the 'fancier' frills (galleries and such) that you see on there. I love interactivity in media =]
    ~zombidwee (Elijah)


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