30 June 2009

one year

Due to a busy weekend, I completely forgot that the 27th was Fancy Frills' birthday! My blog is one year old. I can't believe that I've stuck with this for that long, but I've loved every part of it. Here's to another year. Also, if you would like updates on Fancy Frills (and me), feel free to follow us on Twitter.
[ Above: Photo of macaroons by Cindy Loughridge ]

29 June 2009

kensie spring 09

The images from Kensie's current Spring 09 line are so pretty. The collection is full of romantic pieces made modern, and is inspired by light and layers. The photos, taken by Geoff Barrenger, convey a soft and graceful feel, which falls in line with the clothing.

28 June 2009

etsy shop: joanna rutter

I recently came across UK designer Joanna Rutter's shop and I am in love. She begins her pieces as sketches and then renders them into metal by hand. I love the clean look of her jewelry: contemporary with a touch of whimsy. These are right up my alley (especially loving the nautical rope rings). I am totally smitten by everything she does that I think I may have to buy something soon. Also, visit her blog right here.
[ Above: Dove & Bow Silver Hoops, $68 / You're My Favorite Hello Necklace, $120 / Fox Cub Necklace, $58 / Fern Studs, $62 / Nautical Rope Ring, $20 / Canary Branch Necklace, $75 / Sweet Bow Studs, $65 / Little Vixen Necklace, $80 / Little Cabin Necklace, $75 / Little Forest Earrings, $44 / Teeny Rainy Day Studs, $46 / Little Antler Necklace, $42 ]

photo story

I was tagged by Sarah of Esseegee to do this photo story and here are the rules: open your first photo folder, go to the tenth photo, post the photo and story on your blog, and tag your friends to do the same. I sort my photos pretty strangely, so it took a while to even find a folder with ten photos in there, but I found this one. It was taken in December 2005 on a family vacation to San Francisco. We were at the Cliff House and Sutro Baths and this guy was just walking along the railing next to me. I followed him around and got this photo, among others. It was like he knew what I was doing, so he started to parade around for me.
[ I tag: anyone who reads and wants to do this, but mostly Eileen ]

26 June 2009

a nature-inspired shoot

I came across this beautiful photo shoot styled by Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings (with an invitation suite designed by Lisa Hoffman of Ceci New York and florals by Camille Panzarello of Modern Day Design). These shots were all part of a project by photographer Corbin Gurkin that took place at Crossroads Estate in Santa Barbara. The shoot was inspired by nature: wine country, gnarled trees, the wild meadow contrasted by rows of grapes, vibrant colors, berries and fruits, and the songs of birds. The whole project epitomizes the essence of spring. The colors are such an unexpected, perfect combination. It's stunning.

25 June 2009

fringe alchemy soap

How pretty is this soap packaging? Each six ounce bar of Fringe Alchemy Soap is packaged in gilded cloud-hued floral paper and encases lush soap, each with a layered, delicate scent. Available for $9 in no. 1 botanique (jasmine lime), no. 2 chinoiserie (vanilla orange), no. 3 fleur de lys (ginger rosewood) and no. 4 sanctuaire (currant & cassis). I would probably collect these just to stare at the packaging. Gorgeous!

23 June 2009

viceroy santa monica

Love the look of this swanky hotel in California. Viceroy Santa Monica fuses classic sophistication and contemporary chic to create a thoroughly modern and uniquely luxurious beach boutique hotel. The hotel features 162 rooms, two outdoor pools, a fitness center, massage and spa services, and so much more. I can definitely picture myself here. Can't you?
[ Viceroy Santa Monica: 1819 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica CA 90401 + 800 670 6185 ]

21 June 2009

etsy shop: letter m

LetterM's tooth (or treasure) cushions are too cute. They have a great balance of pattern, texture, and details (like vintage buttons and pockets). They're perfect for holding teeth until the Tooth Fairy comes. Each cushion is unique with its own original details and includes a note for your child to personalize for the Tooth Fairy. The line is inspired by modern design, mid-century prints, and vintage-inspired fashion.
[ Above: Little Yellow Chicken Cushion, $35 / Little Yellow Elephant Cushion, $35 ]

18 June 2009

kamal: art on paper

These letterpressed goods come from Kamal, a Pratt design graduate. The imagery in her stationery line (called Art on Paper) utilizes strong color and shape while staying straightforward and sophisticated. She describes her collection as "a triangular love affair between paper, art and a good impression." You can buy cards and coasters from her line here.
[ Above: styles in Pinwheel, Peacock, Starburst, Rangoli ]

17 June 2009

posters by florafauna

Posters by the always incredible Paul Gardner of Florafauna. I just bought these two and can't wait to get them in the mail. I still love his Fleet Foxes poster (see this previous post), but it's sold out. Too bad.
[ Note: Apparently, Paul Gardner has a history of plagiarizing ideas and work from other designers. I would not support him or purchase any posters from him for this reason. ]

13 June 2009

etsy shop: amy blackwell

Amy Blackwell is an illustrator from Nottingham and her shop embodies the effortlessness and uncomplicated nature of sketching. It's full of doodly creatures, teacups and birdhouses. So charming. Check it out: blackoutwell.etsy.com.
[ Above: The Glancing Wolf, $18 / The Slightly Bemused, $18 / The Stripey Cat, $18 / The Suspicious Cat, $18 ]

12 June 2009


Kindred is an evolving project from Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts and Holly Becker of decor8. Through the site, they plan on sharing the art of independent talents with a line of projects, the first being Wallpapered Together, which is a collection of artist-designed desktop wallpapers.

11 June 2009

excelsior 1968

Excelsior 1968 is a project from illustrator John Martz, where he redrew and renamed every person in his mother's actual 1968 high school yearbook. His redrawn yearbook is set in a fictional school called Bristol County Secondary School in fictional Staedtler, Ontario. You can buy a copy of the book for $7 on his website or browse the entire thing on Flickr.

09 June 2009

statement rings

Why do rings not come in smaller sizes? It's things like these that make me wish I could rock one on my finger. I love how bold and distinctive these are, definitely a ring that will stand out. There's a style here for everyone, and every price point too. All items are from Anthropologie and available in sizes 6 and 7.
[ Above: Sweet Cluster Ring, $38 / Hypnotic Ring, $98 / Sea Star Ring, $98 / Sudsy Ring, $48 / Ice Castle Ring, $80 / Atlin Ring, $28 / Owl's Evening Ring, $198 / Gastropoda Ring, $198 ]

07 June 2009

etsy shop: shesells

I love seeing what other people in the world are creating, especially independent artists, so I thought I would start a weekly feature here that showcases an Etsy shop every weekend. If you would like to be featured, send me your shop information! And onto this week's feature: Shesells, an adorable jewelry shop, is full of whimsical little items that are vintage inspired, everyday chic, and always affordable. The pieces have appealing motifs like swallows, bows, letters, and leaves.
[ Above: Chair for the Princess Necklace, $15 / Paris and Pearl Necklace, $18 / Out on a Limb Necklace, $15 / Alphabet Soup Necklace, $12 ]

06 June 2009

kingdom animalia

Kingdom Animalia is a collection created by enormouschampion that consists of fifteen decorative, laser-cut, wooden animals. The pieces are made from wood grown in a sustainably harvested forest and come in two versions: natural maple or walnut stained with a painted, colored edge. Each animal retails for around $80 and will be available late this month.
[ Photos © Jordan Provost 2009 ]

05 June 2009

amy casey

Amy Casey, an artist who currently resides in Cleveland, paints these fantastic pieces with buildings as constant subject matter. Her work has undertones of vulnerability and dreams. Her paintings celebrate her fascination of the resilience of life and love of the urban landscape and its creatures.
[ Above: Keeping It Together, 2009 ]

04 June 2009

up posters by eric tan

Posters Eric Tan created for the Up style guide. The inspiration for these came from retro advertisements and old Disneyland attraction posters. I would love to see what else he's done for the film's style guide. Also, if you haven't seen Up yet, I suggest you go. It's brilliant.

02 June 2009

city series by jim datz

Jim Datz's city series brings together elements of New York, typography, color, 50s inspired illustrations, and urban signage. Each 16x24" poster is individually signed and hand screenprinted (including a gold metallic) on recycled paper. The Manhattan poster is in its second edition of 500 prints and the Brooklyn in a first edition of 200. Get either one at Three Potato Four for $48 each.
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