25 June 2009

fringe alchemy soap

How pretty is this soap packaging? Each six ounce bar of Fringe Alchemy Soap is packaged in gilded cloud-hued floral paper and encases lush soap, each with a layered, delicate scent. Available for $9 in no. 1 botanique (jasmine lime), no. 2 chinoiserie (vanilla orange), no. 3 fleur de lys (ginger rosewood) and no. 4 sanctuaire (currant & cassis). I would probably collect these just to stare at the packaging. Gorgeous!


  1. certainly the most sophisticated packaging for soap i've ever seen. great find.


  2. What do these truly smell like? The names all sound appealing but as we all know the name doesn't a good smell make. And I would really hate for these to sit in my kitchen cabinets for months going unused until we just throw them out. Thanks!


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