04 June 2009

up posters by eric tan

Posters Eric Tan created for the Up style guide. The inspiration for these came from retro advertisements and old Disneyland attraction posters. I would love to see what else he's done for the film's style guide. Also, if you haven't seen Up yet, I suggest you go. It's brilliant.


  1. soooo cute. i want to see that movie again. in 3D! (i know, right? i didn't see it in 3D the first time? BLASPHEMY).

  2. That movie was really cute. I loved Russell. I saw it in 3D but it didn't seem very 3D to me. But I learned that people with astigmatism have a hard time seeing 3D movies. haha. I wish I knew that before I went!

  3. Does anyone know where I can buy these retro up posters from? Thanks x


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