19 July 2009

etsy shop: ritzy misfit

Utah's own Ritzy Misfit (of North Ogden) makes these cool solder pendants that are made to look like wax seals. The pendants give the feeling of being beautiful, unique and rough around the edges at the same time. Each one is melted and stamped by hand so no two are alike. You can choose the degree of character yours will have from clean and round to rough and inconsistent. These are so hip that Jillian of The Bachelorette has even worn one on the show this season!
[ Above: Initial Wax Seal Pendant With Chain, $24 / Chartreuse Lime Initial Wax Seal Pendant, $28 / Aqua Initial Wax Seal Pendant, $28 / Fleur De Lis Wax Seal Pendant, $28 ]

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