02 August 2009

etsy shop: sea unicorn

Jacqleen Bleu of Sea Unicorn makes jewelry in simple, signature silhouettes. Her necklaces are made from tiny treasures, inspired by fairy tales, and influenced by things that are whimsical, vintage, and tell stories.
[ Above: Ophelia, Forest Nymph Collection, $28 / Knotted Gold, Quirk + Fance Collection, $25 / Matryoshka Doll Locket, Bits of Folk Collection, $27 / Enchantment, Sea Trinkets Collection, $28 / In Its Bed A Diamond, Sea Trinkets Collection, $25 / Your Cup Of Latte, $25 ]


  1. Oh, lovely. I've been searching for a new necklace the past few weeks and this is almost exactly the style I had in mind.

  2. Andrea: I'm glad you like these! I'm loving that bow necklace a little bit too much. I might need to buy it..


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