11 August 2009

vintage signage

I love the vintage signs from Three Potato Four. These antique railroad signs, gas station price numbers, and old storefront displays would be the perfect contrasting accent in a modern home.
[ Above: Railroad #4, $35 / Huge Industrial Wooden #3, $175 / Metal Gas Station Price Numbers, sold / Service Station Number, sold / Letter M, sold / Letter S Black Metal Shell, $85 / Small Steel Deco Letters, sold / Gas Station Price Sign, sold / Service Station, sold / 12" Plastic Pick-A-Letter, $9 / Orange Metal Gas Station Price Number, $68 / Fresh Frozen Delicious Vanilla Creme, $350 ]


  1. This is fab - I love mixing modern and vintage in Three Potato Four style. Great Idea!

  2. Thank you! I love the whole modern style for architecture, interiors and furniture. I'm moving in a month or two and plan on keeping the look contemporary with touches of vintage pieces. These signs are on my list.

  3. Love any old signage. Your blog is great too!


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