29 October 2009

daily drop cap

Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by illustrator + typographer Jessica Hische. Every work day, she posts a hand-crafted, decorative initial cap. All of the letters are pretty cool.

21 October 2009

monsieur + mademoiselle

Love this Monsieur/Mademoiselle series by Blanca Gomez. Some of the illustrations are available as prints in her shop: blancucha.etsy.com.

16 October 2009

2010 forest calendar

Excited to announce that my 2010 forest calendars are now available! There are three versions ranging in price from $25 to $30, depending on the format. Each month features an illustrated woodland creature. I plan on making some of the animals into small gocco prints in the future, but you can take a look at the calendars right now: cityablaze.etsy.com.

14 October 2009

heidi merrick fall 09

Fall clothing from designer Heidi Merrick. She really knows how to work color, texture and pattern.

13 October 2009

etsy shop: glittery blue

Handcrafted jewelry from Shelley White of Glittery Blue. Her pieces are all at once unique, antique, contemporary and architectural.
[ Above: Bliss, $12.50 / Petite Pink Pearls, $14.50 / Oui Et Non, $14 / Envieuse, $14.50 ]

06 October 2009

state insects series by amy ruppel

Following in suit of her state birds and animals series, Amy Ruppel has just released her latest series: state insects. Original paintings (in wax, paper and oils on wood) are priced at $145. Prints are available for $20.
[ Above: Oregon: Oregon Swallowtail Butterfly, Missouri: Honeybee, South Carolina: Carolina Mantid, Virginia: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly ]

05 October 2009

etsy shop: bee things

Love these silk-screened bird prints from Bee Things. Most of the prints are in limited editions of 100 and all printed on archival paper. They are also running a deal in the shop for three birds prints at the price of two. Be sure to check it out!
[ Above: Barn Owl / Chickadees / Cardinal / Red-Winged Blackbird / Zebra Finch / Painted Bunting / $20 each ]
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