29 December 2009

apparel labels by grayhood

I found the portfolio of Grayhood (Dan Gneiding), a senior graphic designer at Urban Outfitters Inc and it's pretty neat. He has designed a bunch of the hang tags and sewn-in labels you see for in-house brands at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. How fun would it be to work on stuff like this? I love these.

sukie wrap for 1973

I picked up some of these sheets of wrapping paper when I was in Vancouver over the summer and finally am getting around to sharing them. The designs above are by Sukie for Nineteen Seventy Three. Each sheet is 20x28" and printed on 100% recycled paper. I plan on framing mine as wall art!

21 December 2009

six scents

Subdued packaging for limited-edition fragrances from SixScents. Each one retails for $85.
[ Above: Urban Tropicalia, The Spirit of Wood ]

kristina collantes

Love all the intricacies and subtleties in these graphic illustrations by Kristina Collantes.
[ Above: Broccoli Bird, Homesick, Leonard's Innards, Bear Panther Dragon ]

16 December 2009

15 December 2009

09 December 2009

miike snow

Just wanted to share the greatness that is Miike Snow, a band from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been listening to their album a ton lately and it is so good. It's something you can listen to from start to finish without skipping over any tracks. Notable songs: Animal, Burial, Silvia, Song for No One, Cult Logic, Plastic Jungle.

07 December 2009

friends of type

Friends of Type is where Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong share their typographic experiments. It's fun to browse and is a good online archive of type sketches and studies.

prints by house industries

Great typographic and iconic serigraphs from House Industries. Screen-printed by hand by David Dodde on acid-free cover weight paper.

03 December 2009

made by julene

Julene Harrison of Made By Julene is a paper-cut artist who creates artwork by hand-cutting paper. Her designs are so intricate and detailed!

01 December 2009

lena wolff

Cool work done in paper cut, pinpricks and collage, by Lena Wolff. She draws from folk-art traditions, anthropomorphic fables, organic abstractions and veneration for the natural world.
[ Above: Pansy, Black Flowers & Cloud, Moth Circles, Satellite ]
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