20 February 2010

vanishing creatures

I saw these in a magazine a while back and thought it was a great idea. Vanishing Creatures makes multi-purpose gifts that encourage conservation and responsible consumption, one chocolate at a time. Their 2.5 oz organic chocolates come hand-carved in the shape of an endangered species (polar bear, koala, elephant, hippo, gorilla) and the packaging can be re-purposed into a candleholder (candle included). 10% of proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Trust.

blue carrot shop

Alexandra of Blue Carrot Shop emailed me to tell me about her new online shop, and I'm so glad she did. Her shop is only just getting started, but already contains a good amount of vintage kitschy and handmade items. Here are a few that I love.
[ Above: Snack Bowls, $60 / Keys, $15 / Letterpress No. 6 or 9, $10 / Nutmeg Tin, $8 ]

13 February 2010

white + neon

Love this wreath and its combo of subdued white/ecru felt and bright neon thread. It's such a good alternative to the standard winter wreath. Make your own with the instructions here.

09 February 2010

hearts by chris uphues

These 10x13" heart paintings by Chris Uphues would be a quirky-cute gift idea for Valentine's Day. Only twelve were made and each painting is one-of-a-kind. Available for $45 each.
[ Above: Ernie, Jack, Bubbles, Mimi ]

08 February 2010

paintings by ray fenwick

Everything Ray Fenwick does is genius and his paintings are no exception. Done in oil and acrylic on canvas. (P.S. Listen to his voice acting + character demo reel! It's great.)
[ Above: (B) In Goes Towards, A Dump Up (and) on It, (Un)Less Necks Align ]

07 February 2010

kate spade spring 10

I love the way Kate Spade does color, as evidenced in her Spring 2010 looks.
[ Above: One Latte, Two Sugars, $95 to $495 / Banished Grey Days, $75 to $425 / Gave It A Fresh Spin, $78 to $525 ]

petal to the metal

I had a chat with a friend on Friday about her dream bag (which was a Marc By Marc Jacobs). At the time, I had forgotten that I had seen mine last year. It had gold birds on it and was also from MBMJ, but from his Petal to the Metal line. I forgot about it until yesterday, when I saw the matching wallet in a local department store. The whole Petal to the Metal line is pretty great (the Natasha bag being my favorite), and this season, they come in colors like cement, newsprint, grape juice, and black.
[ Above: Sasha Bag, $498 / Zip Clutch Wallet, $218 / Flap Pouchette, $198 / Benny Satchel, $398 ]

05 February 2010

natalie perkins

Natalie Perkins creates pieces that she describes as "whimsical yet wistful," using decorative line work, doodles, and hand-drawn lettering layered over magazine pages and photographs.

01 February 2010

drawing parallels

I'm a big fan of stripes in all forms, so I absolutely love these stripe-on-stripe product photos from Anthropologie. See their whole big-top stripes collection here.
[ Above: Beach Umbrella Espadrilles, $68 / Striped Pursuit Top, $98 / Blushing Bouquet Cardigan, $88 / Slate Stripes Shift, $128 ]
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