16 April 2010

poolga + ipad wallpapers

So every employee at my work got a free iPad yesterday. Pretty exciting. I haven't opened mine yet since I'm questioning whether to upgrade to 3G or not (any input?), but I still can't help looking at Poolga's iPad wallpapers. The four above are some of my favorites. There are a ton more wallpapers for the iPhone too.
[ Above: Birdsongs 2 by Chloe Killen / Draw by themeekshall / Banig by Dan Matutina / Birdsongs 3 by Chloe Killen ]


  1. Classic Wallpapers For the ipad Can you post some more designs

    iPad Wallpapers HQ

  2. Those are some gorgeous wallpapers! I'm envious of you and your free iPad :) I played with my boyfriend's last week and it was such a pleasure to use. I think I'm going to try and wait for 3G as well, but it will be difficult!


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