25 August 2010

images d'orient

Some really great looking items from Images d'Orient. Their tabletop products, like coasters and placemats, pay tribute to the legacy of past civilizations. They are inspired by Mediterranean heritage and everything is made in a very modern material, PVC.
[ Above: Sejjadeh Urjuwan / Sejjadeh Zen ]

city with no children

I am really liking the concept and execution of this Arcade Fire poster by Invisible Creature. The idea came from the song City With No Children, off of Arcade Fire's latest album.

19 August 2010

16 August 2010


Three Potato Four has the greatest revolving stock of vintage signs and I love this Rollfast Bicycles sign. I would really love to hang this on the wall of my apartment, but the only caveat is that it is $695. So if you have that kind of money to spare, get it! I might need to save up and settle for this equally as cool custom hand-lettered shop sign someday.

11 August 2010

lauren moffatt fall 10

So I pretty much love everything Lauren Moffatt designs and her Fall 10 line is no exception. I would seriously love to go to football games and jump in piles of leaves wearing these clothes.

09 August 2010

poketo for target

Sneak peek at the Poketo for Target collection, which launches tomorrow. The fifty-two piece collection consists of bags, umbrellas and accessories designed by twenty-one different artists.

07 August 2010

crystals & lasers

Pieces from Crystals & Lasers, a solo exhibition in Paris featuring the work of Portland, Maine based artist MWM (Matt W. Moore). All of the art is done in spray paint and is inspired by his time spent absorbing French culture, the city, the vibrant colors, the exaggerated geometry, and the diverse architecture and fashion of Paris.

arcade fire: the suburbs

So I pretty much can't stop listening to Arcade Fire's newest album, The Suburbs. The whole thing sounds like a sweeping story, where all the parts seem to fit together perfectly. Notable songs: The Suburbs, Modern Man, City With No Children, Suburban War, We Used To Wait, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).

04 August 2010

dalton ghetti

Incredible mini sculptures on the tips of pencils. By Dalton Ghetti. See more here.
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