03 September 2010

bikes + birthdays

Tomorrow is my twenty-fourth birthday and since I most likely won’t be getting online too much that day, I thought I’d share something a day early. Everyone who knows me knows I love bikes, vintage signs and typography, so this photo by Kristybee goes hand-in-hand with everything I like. I would just love to take a long road trip, bring my pedal bike and camera with me, and spend the days (and nights) exploring abandoned, run-down parts of towns and cities, while documenting and taking in the atmosphere of somewhere totally new and different. I do have nine more vacation days I need to use up by the end of the year too, so I just might make it happen. Who is with me?


  1. I'd totally be with you. I haven't had a well-functioning car in forever & I'm in desperate need of a road trip.

    & I hope you have a completely wonderful birthday!

  2. I have not had a car forever either! I actually have never owned one.. just borrowed from my parents since they live relatively close to me. I love riding my bike around the city though. It feels like I am actually getting something done for myself and it's great to feel the air whipping past you and know that you are using your own two feet to get you where you need to go. I am in desperate need of a road trip too. I dream of doing so many things but first I need the money and second, I need a car! Haha. Thank you for the birthday wish!


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