22 September 2010


So you might have noticed that this blog has garnered a new look, address and name. I am pretty excited about this change. It was long overdue. To tell you the truth, I was getting sick of the name Fancy Frills, mostly for the fact that the meaning didn't fit the whole idea of this blog (fancy frills are a kind of tulip). So I renamed it. I like the name Carnival for a lot of reasons. If you go to a carnival, you notice it is full of all types of things: amusement, fun, rides, games, food and a slew of other things to see and do. This blog is a compendium of things from all over, much like how a carnival is run. It's a spot where several components come together in one place. Not to mention, my name is hidden in the title. So it fits. I think it's a much better representation of what I am and what I want this blog to be like. So here's to the same old blog but with a fresh new twist.
[ Above: Ferris wheel photo by Irene Suchocki ]


  1. Oooh I like! You are so cool. Oh and p.s. I just sent you a text. Think about it :)

  2. Love the new blog design + title.
    xo sarah


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