28 December 2010

warby parker

Probably some of the most stylish eyewear I have seen, in terms of the frames themselves and the campaign shots. All frames are pretty affordable at $95. By Warby Parker.

alison scarpulla

Totally in awe of these creepy, cool shots by Alison Scarpulla. I love how otherworldly and eerie her photographs feel. She definitely has a style all her own.

23 December 2010


TypArchive is a site with a collaborative image database of lettering, in hand painted and three dimensional forms, from all over the world. It's a good source of inspiration if you like typography.

17 December 2010

nick mills

A typographic experiment by Nick Mills.

friday find: geometry

Another random find on the internet. I love every aspect of this, especially the geometry of it. It feels very indicative of winter; icy and cold. Exactly what the weather is like outside right now.

15 December 2010

shadows + contours

I'm not sure where this came from (help me out if you know) but I love this image. Edit: source here.

the heads of state + the great gatsby

The Heads of State have created a letterpress print inspired by The Great Gatsby, that features the business cards of the movers and shakers that attended Gatsby's parties in the summer of 1922. Each 18x24" print is done in four colors on French Poptone Sweet Tooth (by Studio on Fire) and are hand signed and sealed in an edition of 300. Buy one here for $90. Since I loved the book and the concept of the print, I may or may not have bought one already.

06 December 2010

lab partners + the grand

At work, we recently wrapped up a holiday project for the Grand America, a swanky hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. For a small portion of the project, we hired Lab Partners to do a few illustrations for us. I think they turned out great. I love the candy store one. It's also a little crazy to see my stuff mixed in with their art (even if it's just a monogram)!

01 December 2010

cloudy collection: simple

The latest edition of the Cloudy Collection was released today. The theme for this set was Simple and contains seven 4x6" mini letterpress prints for $35. The edition is limited to 100 copies and features artwork from Graham Annable, Tad Carpenter, Jennifer Daniel, Tom Gauld, Blanca Gómez, David Huyck, and Lauren Nassef.
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