15 December 2010

the heads of state + the great gatsby

The Heads of State have created a letterpress print inspired by The Great Gatsby, that features the business cards of the movers and shakers that attended Gatsby's parties in the summer of 1922. Each 18x24" print is done in four colors on French Poptone Sweet Tooth (by Studio on Fire) and are hand signed and sealed in an edition of 300. Buy one here for $90. Since I loved the book and the concept of the print, I may or may not have bought one already.


  1. ah you beat me to posting about these. heads of state do no wrong.

    i wish i had 90 dollars.

  2. You're right, they really can't do wrong. Once I saw this, I knew I wanted it. Then I saw the price and thought maybe not. But then I couldn't control myself and just bought it. You have ninety dollars! We just got paid on Wednesday. But I'll show you the print when I get it. I am pretttty excited.


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