28 January 2011

rob's woodgrain bikes

A woodgrain bike frame, hand-painted by Rob's Woodgrain Bikes. He can do this to your bike for $1500 + shipping. This would look totally pretty on the right frame.

friday find: lettera 22

This week's find is a rad illustration of an Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter. By Curt Merlo.

24 January 2011


Since I am already on the topic of collections, I might as well post about this one by Studio Fludd. Pretty.

a collection a day

A Collection a Day was a 2010 project by Lisa Congdon where she took a photograph of a series of objects around her home for the entire year. These were two of my favorites.

mandarin oriental

Nice lines and modern interiors with just the right amount of yellow. At the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona.

labour + one show

Presentation package identity for an ad industry awards show. By Labour.

19 January 2011

skeleton key flash drives

These skeleton key flash drives are so quirky and unlike the typical black ones you see all the time. I just wish they held more space. 2GB for $58 at Fred Flare.

17 January 2011

emersonmade + spring 11

Dear EmersonMade, how come your spring collection is so glorious that I want everything in it? All of the new pieces seriously embody spring: light, carefree, and effortless. The clothing will be available in their shop next week. Can't wait.

13 January 2011

alyson fox + pattern

Cool patterns by Alyson Fox. I really like the mix of geometric form and hard lines with bright hues.

09 January 2011

la boca + black swan

Set of four official teaser posters by UK design firm La Boca for Darren Aronofsky's film Black Swan. Love the whole art deco, retro, constructivism thing they've got going on here. I'm most likely seeing this movie tonight and these posters are making me a little more excited about it.

on the road

The photos in the latest Anthropologie feature on road trips have me seriously wanting to take one. I like the saturated colors and dreamy feel in these.

07 January 2011

friday find: emerald pool

A perfect shot of the prettiest spring in Yellowstone. Love the contrast of the bright blue-green against the surroundings.
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