26 April 2011

weekly want: warmth

My want of the week is this room. That bed looks insanely warm and cozy, and I love the brick walls, open space, and all the light that would pour in from the giant windows when you wake up.

22 April 2011

friday find: trickling color

This week's find is a pretty image with a nice balance of line, shape and color. Wish I knew the source of this one.

19 April 2011

russell leng + new nature systems

Acrylic paintings on wood by Russell Leng. Part of his New Nature Systems series.

weekly want: lace

My want of the week is a handful of lace clothing. Something about lace is just so pretty and feminine and perfect for spring (if in light colors). It's both chic and effortless in a way. I am on the tail end of a sinus infection and want it to go away so I can finally enjoy the warm weather we have been getting.

15 April 2011

14 April 2011

red + blue

What is it with this red, blue and cream color combination that is just so nice looking? Especially when it's paired with lines and bold shapes, like these things here!

12 April 2011

weekly want: river ride

My want of the week is to take a trip like this. How amazing would it be to have this life? Last night I even had dreams about riding a motorcycle. That's how bad I want to learn!
[ Above: Photo by Glenn Phillips ]

05 April 2011

weekly want: mixer

My want of the week is a mixer adorned with florals. I am by no means a good cook, but if I had this in my kitchen, it might help me aim to get better at it.

01 April 2011

blue-green water

Found these images randomly and I'm not sure where they originated, but I am seriously wanting to visit a distant, natural location with the brightest blue-green water. Something about it is just so pretty to me. Iceland, you're at the top of my list.

friday find: motorcycle

This week's find is a photo of a sleek motorcycle. I am really drawn to motorcycles and may learn to ride one this spring! Excited. I ride a bicycle all the time, so I might as well start riding other fun things with two wheels, right?
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