25 May 2011

two arms inc. + bklyn

New art prints from Two Arms Inc. These are the first two in the series and are dedicated to their favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn: Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Each print is $30, in an edition of 100. Printed in 3 colors on French Speckletone Kraft.
[ Above: Williamsburg / Greenpoint ]

24 May 2011

bianchi specialissima

This 84-85 Bianchi Specialissima is a beauty. I can't get enough of it. It's just the right amount of vintage and pretty (love that celeste green). Oh, what I wouldn't do to own a bike like this.

18 May 2011

weekly want: office

My want of the week is an office like this. There's something so laid back and cool about the uneven, unfinished look of those striped walls.

ooli mos + crystals

Gems are something I am a little obsessed with. I'm currently doing an illustration for a poster with rocks and minerals and their varied shapes and textures. So when I stumbled upon this pattern by Ooli Mos, it rekindled my love for gems all over again.

rifle paper co. + hello

New hello cards with gold foil from Rifle Paper Co. These debuted at the National Stationery Show this week and will be available to purchase soon.

16 May 2011

creme cycles

I came across the website of Creme Cycles last week and have fallen 100% in love with their fixed-gear track bike (called Vinyl, shown above). This bike is just downright pretty. It's so minimal and clean, exactly what I would want a bike to look like. Road bikes are utilitarian and practical, but are often covered in excess branding. The thing I love about fixed and single speed bikes is how aesthetically simple and polished they are. No frills. So yeah, I've concluded that I need this bike in addition to the road bike I already own. I want it like no other.

11 May 2011

send more mail

Stamp packs from Send More Mail. They're a mix of mint vintage Canadian stamps for $2. I like how they are packaged too.

09 May 2011

bike by me

May is national bike month, so I thought I would post something bike related every week until the end of the month, starting with this. Sweden based Bike By Me makes these single speed and fixed gear bikes that are so clean and simple. I love how easily they allow you to customize the look of your bike.

05 May 2011

nerl says

I have an unhealthy obsession with screenprinted gig posters. I buy too many of them and don't have enough walls to put them on. These posters by Nerl Says (John Knoerl) make me want to add another one (or two) to my collection.

michael cina

At work, I've been using desktop wallpapers by Michael Cina for a year now (this and this, from The Fox is Black) and I don't know why it took me so long to actually look this guy's art up. His work is gorgeous and just pleasing to look at.
[ Above: Draw Near / The Whole Landscape Will Be One Vast Wasteland ]

03 May 2011

architecture in helsinki: moment bends

If you're familiar with Architecture in Helsinki's previous stuff, then their latest release, Moment Bends, will seem like a bit of a reinvention of their sound, but for the better. I remember listening to them back in college and I think it's safe to say they have grown up. Their new album is more refined, polished and overall, pretty infectious. Notable songs: Desert Island, Escapee, Contact High, W.O.W., B4 3D.


I can't even begin to describe how awesome this music video for Danger Beach's song Apache is. The video was directed by Ned Wenlock and the character animation was done by Rodney Selby. The feel, technique, colors... just perfect. Danger Beach's album Milky Way is available to download here.


These photos by Kris Atomic are making me want to stop what I'm doing and fly to Iceland, as if I didn't want to go there enough. The colors and textures look absolutely beautiful.

weekly want: a view

My want of the week is a house with this view. How amazing would this be in the summer? From this Shelter Island house.
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