29 June 2011

weekly want: la sardina

My want of the week is everything in this photo. The skirt, the shoes, the La Sardina camera! I really love how all of the red pops against the navy. Pretty.

bear rene

Gorgeous identity that Marque did for Bear René, an interior design business in the South of England. The system reflected the craftsmanship, detailing and sensitivity of their interior design work.

24 June 2011

maya hayuk

Apparently, I'm on a huge color kick lately, but I really can't get enough of it. I love the idea behind these paintings by Maya Hayuk, that use friendship bracelets as a theme.
[ Above: Better BFFs / The Ballad of Never Forget ]

britt bass

Gorgeous layering and shapes in Britt Bass' paintings.

friday find: pinwheel garage door

This week's find is an amazingly vibrant garage door. Wish it were mine.

23 June 2011

good + designing women

Earlier this week, a friend of mine sent me a tweet that said "Congrats on the @GOOD mention!" That was the first I heard of it and needless to say, I was surprised and so excited to see that I was included on their list, Designing Women: 25 Female Designers and Illustrators We Love (click through to 25/25). What an incredible feeling to be included among such great designers and illustrators, many that I admire. I am honored! Thanks GOOD.

22 June 2011

khuan+ktron maps

Loving the little intricacies and details in these map illustrations by Khuan+Ktron. The series, commissioned by Knack Weekend, consists of seven separate illustrations of European countries. Purchase these as prints here.
[ Above: Iceland / France ]

david ryle

Photographer David Ryle creates quiet scenes with subtle color palettes that are contemplative and yet alive.

20 June 2011

weekly want: colorful kitchen cabinets

My want of the week is a clean, modern kitchen with an unexpected use of color. By interior stylist Lo Bjurulf.

17 June 2011

sweet corn + raspberry ice cream

Summer means more frozen treats and this sweet corn and raspberry ice cream looks delicious. It's found in the book Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home, which was photographed by Stacy Newgent. Recipe here.

friday find: palm trees

This week's find is a photo that makes me long for a summer road trip.

10 June 2011

border stripe camera strap

This border stripe camera strap by Roberu is the best looking camera strap I have ever seen. It's handmade in Japan using canvas and leather. Buy it from Union for $138.

friday find: ducati gt 1000

Geof and I took a walk to the grocery store last night and spotted this pretty bike, a Ducati GT 1000. I'm glad he had his camera on hand to take this photo. I love that old Ducati logo and the classic look to this motorcycle. Timeless.

taylor black

Loving the florals and botanical motifs used in the identity for Taylor Black, a jewelry brand. Designed by interabang.

07 June 2011

torres vedras house

I'm a fan of bright colors and love them in homes. This house in Torres Vedras, Portugal, was designed by Pedro Gadanho and is bold, modern and colorful. He's definitely re-invented how to use color in living spaces. The house even has an outdoor spiral staircase. Pretty cool.
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