29 July 2011

friday find: stars

This week's find is photo of the greatest star filled sky and Nilgiri Mountain, located in Kali Gandaki Valley in Nepal. This place looks absolutely beautiful.
[ Above: Photo by Anton Jankovoy]

27 July 2011

weekly want: ladder to loft

My want of the week is a ladder that leads up to a loft area. I'm enamored by this. It would be so fun to climb that ladder and sit up there and read, with light pouring through the windows. This can be found in the Zig Zag House, designed by David Coleman and located in Yarrow Point, Washington.

21 July 2011

curry + motorcycles

Just a quick little update on life things. A lot has happened since I last posted, and I thought some of you might want to know what I have been up to and why the lack of blog updates. Lately, I have been trying to hone in on my cooking skills by making something from scratch every weekend. Two weekends ago it was this curry. I substituted the chicken for pork and made a few small modifications to the recipe and ingredients, but overall, it turned out pretty well. It was fast, easy and tasty. But... the main thing taking up my time has been practicing riding a motorcycle. A lot. There's still a little bit of fear attached but also a sense of thrill and adventure. I love the feeling of being on a motorcycle and I think all of the practice paid off because last weekend, I passed my motorcycle test and now seriously get to look into buying my own. I'm so excited!

11 July 2011

la pochette by clare vivier

Natural, undyed leather clutches with neon silkscreened stripes. By Clare Vivier. $104 each.

weekly want: entryway

My want of the week is an entryway that's as unique as this one. Love the giant aloe plants and pink door against the stark white.

07 July 2011

philip govedare

Philip Govedare's landscape paintings are unbelievably beautiful. He describes his work as a response to the landscape we inhabit with all its complexity and layered meanings.
[ Above: Excavation #6 / Flood ]

06 July 2011

albin holmqvist + ef destinations

Typographic logotypes that Albin Holmqvist created for EF International Language Centers and their forty destinations worldwide.

01 July 2011


Pieces from Brook&Lyn's debut jewelry collection, Surrounded Day & Night. The line was created by Mimi Jung and combines two of my favorite elements, nautical rope and agate gemstones. Love.
[ Above: Duo Double Roped Necklace 2, $348 / Small Double Roped Necklace 15, $185 / Small Double Roped Necklace 19, $185 / Double Roped Necklace 8, $245 ]
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