31 August 2011

soul bird by sanna annukka

Sanna Annukka's latest limited edition soul bird is now available. In Karelia, there is a tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep. Each bird is handcrafted in England from solid brown oak.

26 August 2011

friday find: gelato

This week's find is a photo of some delicious looking gelato, which is probably one of my favorite things to eat in the summer (and really, anytime of the year).

22 August 2011

oat + island creek oyster bar

A simple, effective, fun website that Oat created for Island Creek Oyster Bar, a restaurant located in Boston, Massachusetts.

21 August 2011

j.crew + fall boots

My favorite thing about fall and winter approaching is the layering of clothing and wearing boots, at least in the beginning. The excitement of boots kind of wears off once March rolls around and you are still wearing them. But oh J.Crew, I absolutely love all of your new fall boots and definitely wouldn't mind wearing any of these pairs for six months out of the year. They are so perfectly polished and in the best colors of the season.
[ Above: Miller Short Motorcycle Boots in chocolate, $265 / Miller Motorcycle Boots in black, $325 / Billie Buckle Boots in chocolate, $325 / Billie Short Buckle Boots in warm grey, $265 ]

14 August 2011


So, something super exciting happened over the weekend. On Friday, I picked up my motorcycle! It's just a little Suzuki TU250x, but I already love him, and it's so fun just cruising around the city on this. In time, I'm going to modify parts of the bike, but for the time being, it's just good to get a better knowledge and feeling of being on the bike. Now he just needs a name...

08 August 2011

madewell + fall 11

Fall looks from Madewell. I love the color palettes that start popping up in fall clothes.

05 August 2011

friday find: sky planters

This week's find are these awesome sky planters. How cool would your plants look if they were hanging and growing upside down like this?!

03 August 2011

photo-lettering catalog

Spreads from House Industries' new photo-lettering catalog. I love those colors together and the fact that it's printed on newsprint.
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