14 August 2011


So, something super exciting happened over the weekend. On Friday, I picked up my motorcycle! It's just a little Suzuki TU250x, but I already love him, and it's so fun just cruising around the city on this. In time, I'm going to modify parts of the bike, but for the time being, it's just good to get a better knowledge and feeling of being on the bike. Now he just needs a name...


  1. Congrats! I just passed my motorcycle course and will pick up my license soon!

    -Ashley (Seattle)

  2. Ashley: Congratulations! I only just barely passed my motorcycle course in mid-July and then got the license a little bit later. It's so fun! Do you know what sort of bike you want?

  3. Sexy & so fun! Congrats! I'm hoping to get my motorcycle license someday...maybe when I'm somewhere less rainy...

  4. Connie: Oh yeah, I live in Salt Lake, so there's definitely a winter season here: snow, ice, slush, rain. I am already not looking forward to it because that means I won't get to ride nearly as much!


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