21 December 2012

turina jewelry + abc pendants

ABC pendants by Turina Jewelry. A collaboration with graphic designer Lena Steinborn, each letter is a different design and has its own character, just like its owner. Each one is €43.

20 December 2012

peskimo + special brews

Peskimo has introduced Special Brews, a series of hand-screened prints based around tea and its seemingly endless varieties. The initial series includes five prints, based on animals and beasts. Each print is signed in an edition of 80. Love the Oolong one.

15 November 2012

leila jeffreys + wild cockatoos

Photos from Leila Jeffreys' project titled Wild Cockatoos, which features birds found in Australia. The photo series focuses on capturing the character of the birds and not just their beauty. The project took two years to complete.
[ Above: Neville / Seisa / Rosie / Slim ]

05 November 2012


Fresh, modern bedding from OYOY. Their vision is to create quality products that focus on form, function, color and materials. I'd love if my bedroom looked like this.

ban.do + fall/winter 12

Pieces from the fall/winter line from Ban.do. It was hard to choose what to feature here since everything is just so amazing and sparkly. Every item would be great to elevate your holiday party outfit (or just to dress up your outfit any day of the week)!
[ Above: Crystal Crush Bobbi, $25 / Mini Pom Pom Flower, $12 / Big Shot Sparkle Headband, $25 / Flash Bobbi Set, $10 / Contrast Headwrap, $35 / Glitter Bomb Shoe Clips, $25 ]

01 November 2012

andrew bannecker + cliff house

Illustration by Andrew Bannecker, inspired by a trip he took to Maine.

everlane + silk blouse

More than a little obsessed with the items that Everlane keeps releasing. I have one of the original releases of their backpacks and couldn't be more happy with it. But, I'm really, really liking this silk blouse they just put out. It's the most perfect, timeless silhouette in three great colors. Purchase it for $80 here. They also have the best assortment of classic tees, sweatshirts, bags, and accessories, so be sure to take a look.

26 October 2012

byron hamburgers

An interesting and inviting interior in this Byron Hamburgers location at Charing Cross Road in London. Byron is a boutique hamburger restaurant chain built with a fun concept, where the interior design and signage of each location is designed differently to reflect the local character of each area. Designed by Michaelis Boyd Associates.

23 October 2012

ban.do spring/summer sale

Ban.do is gearing up to release their new fall/winter line soon, so starting today, you can get 30% off all spring/summer merchandise with the coupon code GOINGGONE. I love all of their fun accessories, and they would be a welcome pop of shine or color to fall's muted tones. Here are my picks.
[ Above: Ahoy Headwrap, $24.50 / Happy Pack, $10.50 / Chiffon Girlie Bow, $17.50 / Glitter Bobbi Set, $10.50. Also, not pictured, and not part of the sale, but after my phone got stolen, I got their heart iPhone case for my new phone and I love this thing. Purchase here, $25. ]

21 October 2012

ballet zaida

I danced ballet when I was growing up, so when I came across these photos from Ballet Zaida on Instagram, I pretty much had to go through their entire feed. It makes me wish a little bit that I hadn't ever quit. Ballet Zaida was created by Oliver Endahl, a former ballet dancer, and is an ongoing fine art project showcasing photos with the best ballet technique.

sarah seven + fall 2013

The Mademoiselle gown from Sarah Seven's Fall 2013 line is so pretty. Loving the lace, jeweled peter pan neckline, and long flowing skirt. See a preview of the upcoming fall collection here.

15 October 2012

nick frank + mira

Loving the color and composition of these photos in Nick Frank's Mira series. These photos depict urban architecture in Munich in such an interesting way.

12 October 2012

ty wilkins + wired uk

Such a cool illustration by Ty Wilkins for Wired UK. The illustration accompanied an article about over-reliance on metrics in the development of software applications.

09 October 2012

maison dandoy

New identity and packaging for Maison Dandoy, a biscuit bakery in Brussels. The pattern takes inspiration from baked cookies being taken out of the oven. By Base.

18 September 2012

ryo takemasa

Loving these simple, eye-catching food illustrations by Japanese illustrator Ryo Takemasa. These would look amazing hung up in the kitchen!
[ Above: Garlic / Onion / Tomato / Broccoli ]

31 July 2012

a (small) break

I have really been neglecting this blog lately, I'll admit that. I broke my clavicle in May, had surgery two days later, and was basically not feeling like myself for a few weeks after. I think the accident and being stressed made it all too easy to stop blogging for a while. I feel like I'm pretty close to 100% now, so I'm hoping to be back soon. I'm going to put the blog on a small break, but I'm aiming for regular posts again by late August or early September (but there could be a few random posts before then). Thanks for reading!
[ Above: Illustration by Luciano Lozano ]

14 June 2012

becca stadtlander + cats

An illustration by Becca Stadtlander, created for a greeting card collection for Red Cap Cards. Cats snuggling up. So cute. Get one for $3.95.

20 April 2012

national parks app

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed the minimal posts as of late. It's because since December, I have been working on marks/collectible stamps for National Parks by National Geographic, an app for iPhone that launched early yesterday. The initial launch has guides for 20 national parks, so you can see 20 of my marks there (37 more on the way in a later update!). Though I only did a small portion of the entire project, it was super fun and rewarding. The guys over at Rally Interactive did an amazing job with everything. They've created one of the best looking, most functional apps I have seen. I'm so glad I was able to be a small part of it. Get it here.

hengki koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro is a photographer living in Indonesia. He's driven by the desire to explore the mystical beauty of nature, and develops his sense and sensibility through the elements of fine art photography. I love the way his photos evoke such a grand feeling of place and moments. More here.
[ Above: Coco Mist / Thin Air ]

28 March 2012

home sweet home

A collection of houses that Always With Honor would like to call home someday, even if just for a little while. I love the simple line style and especially that a-frame house.

08 March 2012

dan cassaro + good

Illustrations by Dan Cassaro for GOOD Magazine, that were inspired by WPA poster art. I really like the graphic, bold nature to these.

07 March 2012


Jewelry from Depeapa's Geometry Is Fun collection. The ceramic pieces are all handmade and printed. Each of these necklaces retail for $35.
[ Above: Triangle N6 / Hexagon N5 / Hexagon N4 / Triangle N4 ]

17 February 2012

the visual mixtape

The Visual Mixtape is a self-initiated poster series by Noa Emberson, commemorating 25 of his favorite albums. The background images were from his Reaching For Imperfection photo series.

12 February 2012

collette dinnigan + spring summer 12

So much lace and sparkles in these girly, gorgeous dresses from Collette Dinnigan's Spring Summer 2012 collection.

05 February 2012

kiel james patrick

Absolutely loving these nautical-inspired bracelets from Kiel James Patrick. Their sailor rope bracelets are hand-braided in Rhode Island using locally twisted cotton cord in weathered colors.
[ Above: Brinkley Pearlton Cape Summer, $40 / JFK, $40 / Cape Spencer Approaches, $38 ]

03 February 2012

square, circle, triangle

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I've been super busy with a really time-consuming (but exciting!) freelance project and needed to really just slow down everything else and get a handle on it. I feel like I'm getting into a rhythm with that now, so hopefully posts will pick back up here, starting with this great print series by Borja Bonaque, titled Square, Circle, Triangle, and features urban landscapes in basic shapes. Screen-printed in two colors, black and metallic gold, in an edition of 60.

19 January 2012

a year of sun with mr. persol

Another new film from Kevin Dart (directed along with Stéphane Coëdel) for Persol Sunglasses. The art, the animation, the music... it all works together so well! I love this style. See the whole video here.

weekly want: moto

My want of the week is for winter to hurry up and leave so I can ride my motorcycle again! I came across this photo earlier in the week, and it made me really wish spring would come so I can get out there and ride.

detroit bicycle company

Custom, fixed-gear bicycles, created by Detroit Bicycle Company.
[ Above: Russell Street / Woodbridge Street ]

10 January 2012

susannah blaxill

Gorgeous botanical watercolor paintings by Susannah Blaxill, an artist living in Australia. The detail and realism she's able to obtain through her brush is incredible.
[ Above: Peony: Etienne de France / Purple Blue Anemone ]

jason wu for target

Three of my favorite looks from Jason Wu's collection for Target, which hits stores February 5th. See the entire lookbook here.

02 January 2012

to resolve

I was invited to participate in Chris Streger's To Resolve Project this year, and decided to make my resolution something that was a little more attainable. Eat more fruit. I love fruit, so I think it will be an easy and achievable goal because it's tasty and I don't have to work as hard to make it happen. Here's to more fruit in 2012! Download the full size iPhone wallpaper here.
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