19 January 2012

a year of sun with mr. persol

Another new film from Kevin Dart (directed along with Stéphane Coëdel) for Persol Sunglasses. The art, the animation, the music... it all works together so well! I love this style. See the whole video here.

weekly want: moto

My want of the week is for winter to hurry up and leave so I can ride my motorcycle again! I came across this photo earlier in the week, and it made me really wish spring would come so I can get out there and ride.

detroit bicycle company

Custom, fixed-gear bicycles, created by Detroit Bicycle Company.
[ Above: Russell Street / Woodbridge Street ]

10 January 2012

susannah blaxill

Gorgeous botanical watercolor paintings by Susannah Blaxill, an artist living in Australia. The detail and realism she's able to obtain through her brush is incredible.
[ Above: Peony: Etienne de France / Purple Blue Anemone ]

jason wu for target

Three of my favorite looks from Jason Wu's collection for Target, which hits stores February 5th. See the entire lookbook here.

02 January 2012

to resolve

I was invited to participate in Chris Streger's To Resolve Project this year, and decided to make my resolution something that was a little more attainable. Eat more fruit. I love fruit, so I think it will be an easy and achievable goal because it's tasty and I don't have to work as hard to make it happen. Here's to more fruit in 2012! Download the full size iPhone wallpaper here.
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