02 January 2012

to resolve

I was invited to participate in Chris Streger's To Resolve Project this year, and decided to make my resolution something that was a little more attainable. Eat more fruit. I love fruit, so I think it will be an easy and achievable goal because it's tasty and I don't have to work as hard to make it happen. Here's to more fruit in 2012! Download the full size iPhone wallpaper here.


  1. Hi Val- I've been following your blog for a while and love your work. I'm curious what you do to get these great textures in your illustrations? My tendency is to use illustrator and keep it too flat.

  2. Sarah: I draw the entire thing in Illustrator, then for the texture, take it into Photoshop and mess around with texture (the key is to use a texture that's really minimal) by burning it within the vector shapes. Hope that helps!


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