31 July 2012

a (small) break

I have really been neglecting this blog lately, I'll admit that. I broke my clavicle in May, had surgery two days later, and was basically not feeling like myself for a few weeks after. I think the accident and being stressed made it all too easy to stop blogging for a while. I feel like I'm pretty close to 100% now, so I'm hoping to be back soon. I'm going to put the blog on a small break, but I'm aiming for regular posts again by late August or early September (but there could be a few random posts before then). Thanks for reading!
[ Above: Illustration by Luciano Lozano ]


  1. Hope you're feeling better! My friend broke his collar bone when a kite lifted him off the ground! He said it took a while to heal. Looking forward to new posts! :-)

  2. Thank you! I definitely feel quite a bit better than I did when it happened. It gets sore at times, especially when the weather is cooler. I can't wait to be back as well! I have a bunch of fun stuff to post about. :)


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