15 November 2012

leila jeffreys + wild cockatoos

Photos from Leila Jeffreys' project titled Wild Cockatoos, which features birds found in Australia. The photo series focuses on capturing the character of the birds and not just their beauty. The project took two years to complete.
[ Above: Neville / Seisa / Rosie / Slim ]

05 November 2012


Fresh, modern bedding from OYOY. Their vision is to create quality products that focus on form, function, color and materials. I'd love if my bedroom looked like this.

ban.do + fall/winter 12

Pieces from the fall/winter line from Ban.do. It was hard to choose what to feature here since everything is just so amazing and sparkly. Every item would be great to elevate your holiday party outfit (or just to dress up your outfit any day of the week)!
[ Above: Crystal Crush Bobbi, $25 / Mini Pom Pom Flower, $12 / Big Shot Sparkle Headband, $25 / Flash Bobbi Set, $10 / Contrast Headwrap, $35 / Glitter Bomb Shoe Clips, $25 ]

01 November 2012

andrew bannecker + cliff house

Illustration by Andrew Bannecker, inspired by a trip he took to Maine.

everlane + silk blouse

More than a little obsessed with the items that Everlane keeps releasing. I have one of the original releases of their backpacks and couldn't be more happy with it. But, I'm really, really liking this silk blouse they just put out. It's the most perfect, timeless silhouette in three great colors. Purchase it for $80 here. They also have the best assortment of classic tees, sweatshirts, bags, and accessories, so be sure to take a look.
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