22 March 2013

julia marco

Well, it's been nearly two weeks of being a full-time freelancer and being my own boss. In that time, I've become a registered business and am learning how to manage my time in the best way. One thing I didn't expect was how busy I'd be. You'd think with going freelance, you'd have more time to do other things you enjoy, but I find myself just as busy, if not more. One major thing that I didn't expect was how many emails I'd be writing. A portion of my day is spent responding to and writing them. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, but an aspect I'd never really thought about.

I can't really complain though, especially when I receive emails from people like Julia Marco, who wanted to share these gorgeous handmade bags and pouches she's introducing this season. If anything has geometric shapes on it, you've already got me. I love how clean these look and think they'd be perfect to carry this summer. Her bags and pouches are made from organic cotton and retail for $50 and $20, respectively. Shop for them here.

 [ Above: Bag II / Bag IV / Pouch I ]


  1. Hi Val,

    It's nice to know you're doing great and enjoying new adventures! Keep updating! :)

    Those bags look so simple and stylish. <3

    1. Lin: Thanks! I'll keep updating. I miss you and everyone at Struck! We never did get to compete in a burrito eating challenge together. :)


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