30 August 2013

foodie pack for studio app

Studio is a new iPhone app that allows users to create and share designs with friends in a new, fresh way. The app includes over 600 free elements that can be used to overlay your photos or to create your own designs. I was able to create a food-themed icon pack for their marketplace (these packs are 0.99). To test it out, I threw the fish over a photo I took in Wyoming earlier this summer. I like to keep it simple! This app is fun and allows you to be a bit more creative than other photo/design apps out there. Download it here.


When I was attending a yoga class about a month ago, my cousin brought along a Bkr water bottle, which I became a little bit obsessed with. Bkr (pronounced beaker) is a San Francisco company founded by two friends who share the belief that beauty can inspire real change. The bottle is inspired by what they love, some of those things being modern art, design in Tokyo, Italian furniture, the perfect t-shirt, the small, the pretty, the cool, the calm, the bright and everything translucent and clean. Their main goal was to create a green product that could be functional, creative and something you would want to carry. I think they accomplished that because ever since I saw my cousin's bottle, I've wanted one. I love how they are made of glass (that means pure, tasty, clean water) and are surrounded by a colorful silicone sleeve (which offers protection and grip). I finally got my own in the color Pool (a bright cerulean blue) and I can't wait to bring it to all my yoga classes now. A bottle retails for $28.
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